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Goal Beyond offers scholarships and resources that pave the road to success.

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Who we are

Goal Beyond is committed to providing access to affordable higher education and providing sustainable economic mobility options for students.


We embrace collaborative partnerships dedicated to strategies that support student success.

We believe there is no higher purpose than the pursuit of education and that this pursuit should be accessible to every person regardless of the challenges that we are faced with.

Our Mission

Inspire learners to access high-quality, affordable education and training in order to pursue lifelong career opportunities that enable economic mobility and a positive social impact

The finish line isn’t the completion of a degree.

Goal Beyond works to understand, measure, and actively improve tangible outcomes beyond degree completion.


Challenges continue to prevent many learners and workers from gaining access to quality education, completing their program of study, and experiencing increased economic mobility.


Students on Staircase

We aim to bring attention to and provide solutions for issues that prevent everyone from experiencing benefits beyond degree completion.

High School Friends

Helping student organizations deliver empowering services

In addition to directly providing scholarships to students,

Goal Beyond exists to elevate student-serving organizations. We want to give you the resources and information required to accomplish your goals of helping students achieve success.

Technical Assistance

We offer our services to provide guidance to design, deploy, and administer innovative financial instruments in support of student success.


If you’re in the process of creating a financial tool for students, Goal Beyond can help your team to execute all your goals.

Capacity Building

Goal Beyond acts as a force multiplier leveraging human capital, vendor relationships, outright donations, and high-impact partnerships in support of promising student success initiatives.


We’re here to help your organization accomplish greater feats through a combination of targeted factors.

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We’re looking beyond institutional education

In addition to financial scholarships, we’re focusing on four areas of interventions to help bring educational and economic success to everyone.

High school 

Prioritize and support purposeful planning for high school students in preparation for college. Get help with FAFSA completion and submission.


Get the help you need to transfer colleges. FAFSA completion and submission as well as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and stranded credits.

Beyond Employment

Forge your career path with Career and Technical Education (CTE), learn and earn, information about post-traditional pathways, and help with career changes.


Promoting advocacy, policy reform, and innovation as well as publication of impact metrics.

Our Leadership

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Ken Ruggiero

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Tatum Drinnenberg

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Matthew Cohen

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